What's your thoughts on this 1939 Monarch CK (?)
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    Default What's your thoughts on this 1939 Monarch CK (?)

    Said it's a 1939 monarch, probably go look at it this week. Any problem area I should look at

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    Other than a coat of paint and polishing the brass, was the machine taken apart, cleaned and adjusted?
    I found with my 1944 12CK which is what this looks like, that the automatic saddle and apron lubrication for non-functional. I wound up replacing all the metering units, blowing out lines and cleaning the oil pump which is in that small box just to the left of the carriage hand wheel. Same with the headstock lubricating system, though I didn't have do anything to the headstock, it was functional. An indication that the lubrication system is working is that by moving carriage back and forth, a film of fresh oil should appear on all the flat and V ways. The dovetails and feed screw are lubricated at the same time so that after the carriage is run back and forth, fresh oil should appear on those dovetails. However, the compound is not part of this. That you lube by hand. Look at the sight glass on the apron, it should show oil half way up the glass. The same for the headstock sight glass. With the spindle running at high rpm, there should be oil dripping in the upper sight glass.

    Usual stuff, check all the headstock gears, the clutch which is operated by the lower handle on the far right of the apron. It should have a positive locking feel. Check all the feed gears for missing teeth. Same with the headstock gears. Is the spindle noisy or hard to turn? Out of gear of course. Do the apron clutches work for X and Z direction. Check for bed wear and fit of the saddle on the bed, does it tend to rock when twisted. Wear of the cross slide is it loose in center of travel and tight at the ends. Same for the compound. Does the tailstock ram move smoothly in and out and will a tapered drill or center lock firmly and be ejected, does the tailstock lock firmly to the bed. Lead screw or control rods bent or damaged. Does the saddle reverse operate smoothly. Play in the headstock bearings, use a dial indicator, a pinch bar and a block of wood to check the main spindle bearings for play. Backlash of the feed dials indicating a worn feed screw and/or nut.

    If the machine under power check for noisy headstock bearing or gear noise. Take a light cut and a heavy cut.


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