Okuma LB-15; Error 117 Alarm-A chuck closing/opening
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    Default Okuma LB-15; Error 117 Alarm-A chuck closing/opening

    I have an old LB15, and not with the touch buttons but the old switches and key locks on the panel.

    I have a peculiar error that i havent been able to figure out.
    First of all i have an SMW autoblock chuck in there with a drawbar system for opening and closing.
    That is driven by a Daikin solenoid in the back, and that in turn is interconnected with the daikin solenoid to the center support.

    When i have the machined keyed for Chuck only (ak.a chuck work) and the center compleletly retracted. I can open and close the Chuck ONLY when its keyed for ID work. So when hitting the open pedal the chuck "expands". And when i hit close it contracts. That is expected.

    Flipping the key over to OD mode, and hitting the Open or Close Pedal it alarms out right away, not even trying to move anything with the eror message: "Error 117 Alarm-A chuck closing/opening". (Or something close enough as my machine is in Swedish).

    So of course i tried fooling it by flipping it into ID mode, and "open" the chuck with something in the center of it and then flip the key back over to OD mode and try running the spindle. And sadly to say this machine is to clever for me. Or as i think somehwere in the machine there is a signal not getting produced or activated.

    I have measured all the relays in the cabinette, and the relays i found was related to chuck opening and closing in ID mode and the center, where three G2AK-232A relays sitting alone in the panel. I had those out and measured over the coil and i get zero ohm value, and they dont click when i give them 24V, so i thought they were dead.. But having them out of the machine while running make none of the pedal controls work or the m codes for the chuck/center.. Plugging them back in and i am back at the same behavior as in described.

    Going further the 2C/1C solenoid pack in the rear. Which i assume is for the live center has a "cold" side 1C..
    The 3C/4C solenoid pack works just fine and seems to flip lights when i run the chuck in ID mode.

    Can anyone that have wrenched on these machines shine some light on this or at least point me in the right direction?!

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    Does your machine have 2 proximity switches on the chuck actuator that tells the control if the chuck is open or closed. They may need adjusted and if they are not set right it will confuse the control and think that open is closed and closed is open

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