Okuma LC202SC -vs- LNC8 -vs- LB15.
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    Default Okuma LC202SC -vs- LNC8 -vs- LB15.

    Hi everyone.. the search continues. There are 3 Okuma lines that my Son and I are watching. Could someone tell us what a LC20-2SC 4 axis simulturn is compared to a LNC8 -vs- an LB15? Looks like the 202SC is 2 turret device? or am I missing something? LB -vs LN slant vs flat? ?

    Also.. in searching around, found a parts manual for the LC-20. will post here for safe keepeing. NM cannot-20kb limit on a PDF? what. PM me for the manual.


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    On the LC-20-2SC - If my memory serves me correctly, (I have a LC-10 1ST) the 2SC means two turrets and with a center (tail stock). My 1ST is single turret, no tail stock. My LC10 is not a slant bed (assuming you mean X axis is angled and not parallel to the floor). The X axis on my LC10 is parallel to the floor.

    Comparing to the LNC8/LB15... I dont have experience with the LB's but have two LNC-8s (1994 and 1995) and they seem to vary some - but with the LB15, that seems to be basically the same as the LNC-8 - Im guessing maybe older? I remember a guy telling me that a Japan made LB was better than a US made LNC, but that the LB would be older. All the pics I have seen (when looking) the LB15s were the same/looked the same - if not even the same casting and tin - as the LNC8. The LNC8 has the slant bed (assuming again, that you mean the X axis is not parallel with the floor but is angled up from the floor as you go X+). I dont know on LB models, but seems on the LNC8 - there is the LNC-8, LNC-8BB (Big Bore with a 3500RPM spindle), LNC-8C (which supposedly means "center" but seems like most LNC-8s have a tail stock), LNC-8T (which is supposedly a turning center no tail stock), LNC-8HS (High Speed - I think goes up to 6k). The rest unless noted otherwise seemed to come with the 4200RPM spindle.

    Seems a lot of LBs Ive seen can have a 5000 control or newer, where most the LNC8s have a 5020 or newer.

    My Okuma dealer has always been nice enough to send out the DMCs (Data management Cards) on machines Im looking at buying. Just gave them the serial number and model and they would email me a pdf or .txt file with all the options and specs they had on it. Might be worth checking with your Okuma folks.

    If you run into a LNC8 big bore with OSP5020 or newer control that is reasonably priced and not what you want... let me know. Im sort of half assed looking for one - but not in major need, so not willing to pay some of the prices I have seen as of late.

    Dont take any of this as gospel either... Im just spouting off things I have gathered from lots of data management cards and watching listings.

    Sorry if this reply is late enough to not do you any good... I just saw it.

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