Okuma LS apron problem
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    Default Okuma LS apron problem

    I have just gotten a okuma ls. It is a 10hp (7,5kw). I dont know what year, does anyone know?

    I am not very good with the english terminology for lathes but ill try to explain. If i want to move the apron/carrier back and forth it will stop and ill have to help it further.

    I noticed one gear is missing some teeth so that is the problem.

    I was wondering how do i Remove the gear and where can i buy a new one?

    Dropbox - Bilde 10.01.2021, 13 25 08.jpg - Simplify your life

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    Utstyretmed de manglende tennene er plassert i det som kalles forkleet. Forkleet løsner fra vognsalen på toppen. Hvis det ikke er noen Okuma deler uttak, må du lage et nytt gir / akse

    The gear with the missing teeth is housed in what is called the apron. The apron detaches from the carriage saddle on top. If there are no Okuma parts outlets, you will have to make a new gear / shaft

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