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    Quote Originally Posted by kunalv View Post
    Agreed. Refractometers cannot be provided on each machine. What we have decided so far is we will draw a certain quantity of coolant from each machine into our 'Measurement tank' where a refractometer would analyze the concentration & feed to the PLC. The PLC would then actuate valves & a pump to deliver appropriate quantity of coolant & water to the tank to maintain concentrations at desired levels.

    Having said that, I have a few queries which I would really appreciate if you guys could throw some light on :-

    1. Drawing liquid from the machine coolant tank into my measurement tank will require a pump. Now I am not sure if I have to install a pump next to each coolant tank (cumbersome), or my centralized unit will have a pump that will draw liquid from number of machines (what about the suction head? as the machine may be a good 50 feet away!). Which type of pump would be suitable for such an application?

    2. After measuring the concentration, I have to feed coolant at appropriate concentrations back to the Coolant tank. I guess delivering pre-mixed coolant (coolant mixed with water at required concentration) would be better than delivering coolant concentrate & water separately into the coolant tank right?

    3. How do I measure & control the flow rate of liquid? Flow-meters are expensive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Take care as to how you introduce your coolant concentrate. Some coolants are picky as to how they need to be mixed.

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