recommend automatic screw feeder and driver system?
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    Default recommend automatic screw feeder and driver system?

    I need to select a screw feeding and tightening system to install 3/8-16 x 1.0 in. long hex head flange bolts and wondered if any of you folks had a supplier to recommend?

    A few more details, the screw will be horizontal during installation and will tighten to 30 in-lb torque. This will be in an automated assembly cell with a feeder about 10 feet away from the installation location. The screwdriver will be in a fixed horizontal location and the assembly will be advanced 3.0 in. between screw holes.

    I have gotten quotes from 4 vendors for 35 to 70$k for a vibratory feeder, deliver tube and screwdriver. The cheaper ones were pneumatic and the more expensive were electric screwdrivers. All had 12 to 16 week lead times.

    Do these prices and lead times sound correct or is there another vendor I should try?

    Are the electrics more reliable and worth the extra cost vs the pneumatic screwdrivers? I ran a calc for the cost of compressed air and found it would be about $2k per year so it would take about 18 years to pay for the extra cost of the electric driver.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    I would go electric over pneumatic. We use electric at our facility and it has been way more reliable for proper torque and life.
    As for cost i would say mid 50s is where i could see it . Lead times are always longer for custom built machines so if you had it in 12 weeks that sounds like a good turnaround to me.

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