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    As a continuation to the oil indicator issue...

    Today I have dismantle the thin plate of the head stock. It was held with some kind of steel pins. I have drilled
    holes and taped it with 3mm. I could not get out the original pins so I used a Dremell and ground them flat.

    After removing the plate and cleaning it all I made sure that the leak is from the plexiglass window. It was not
    sealing properly. I have made two new sealing from victorit but that was not sufficient. the internal part that enters
    the rotor housing is also 34mm and does not enter.. I have placed an o-ring and after closing it all it seems to be
    sealing and OK...

    After half an hour I came back to check iif it i OK and I see that the window is broken. I have tighten the screws too
    much, the window is old and had already a crack in it. Now it is completely destroyed.. I have to make a new one

    Any way if I am making a new one I will change the design a bit and add a proper location and grove for an o-ring so it will
    seal from the internal. Instead of the Plexiglas to be half in the air it should be surfaced with the aluminum part. I will
    try to get some Polycarbonate instead of the Plexiglas or PVC that was used before. Polycarbonate is much better and less
    brittle than Plexiglas.

    Once I am finished I will post some images and drawings of what I did.

    Have fun,

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