Habegger DLZF/DLZTE gearbox removal
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    Default Habegger DLZF/DLZTE gearbox removal


    First post here, hope I'm asking in the right section.

    I've been taking a Habegger DLZTE lathe apart for the last month with the intent of repainting and restoring it as well I can. Rebuilding will be a later issue. It has some wear in the ways.

    I've been trying to get the gear box off of the bed for two weeks now. I've removed every fastener I can find, Including the large castle nut for the lead screw bearing, thinking that it was somehow squeezing the different layers of the gear box together. By taking pictures from inside the rear foot of the lathe I've established that there is at least two more screws that I haven't gotten out out but in order to get at the head of those I need to remove the housing for the change wheels.

    I can't see any more socket heads in the screw holes. The casting flexes very slightly when I try to pry it apart with my fingers but only at the top. The bottom is rock solid. I'm afraid I'll crack the casting if I got at it any harder and that I've missed a fastener somewhere.

    Is there anyone with experience of these lathes out there? It shares a gear box with the DLZF.

    Best regards

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    I have the same lathe i think, for removing the gear box, you have to remove the cover with the gears
    There are 2 hidden screws behind, the other ones are visible
    After removing this cover, i drilled 2 extra holes in that cover so i can remove the whole gear box complete without removing that cover
    If you want, i can take some pictures tomorrow with the exact position
    See picture, 2 extra holes not drilled yet
    Is it the same gear box?
    Do you have a picture of yours?
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