Schaublin 102 VM lathe - EMB Birsfelden motor type DK 7/8/2
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    Default Schaublin 102 VM lathe - EMB Birsfelden motor type DK 7/8/2

    This is a dual speed motor with both Hi and Lo speed circuits Y 380v 3-phase. I am wondering if anyone has explored if it is possible to wire it in Delta arrangement to get 230v 3-phase Hi Speed operation despite it NOT saying it is a dual voltage motor?

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    I have tried this on a smaller 380 volt 2-speed motor; it didn't work, because the motor really needs the high voltage to run. There was no torque at low speeds, and at higher speeds the VFD went into an error state - overcurrent, I think. Look up "Dahlander" for more thorough explanations.

    Nowadays, VFDs with 240 Volt input and a built-in step-up to 400 Volt seem to exist, and maybe not all that expensive.
    Otherwise you could use a overspecified VFD, and use three expensive step-up transformers for the three phases.

    Using a standard single speed 3 phase motor and wiring it for 230V operation is another option, but I'm not sure if the Schaublin motors use a standard mounting pattern, so an adapter plate may be necessary.

    You might consider contacting - I believe they know their stuff, and/or repost your question in the "Transformers, Phase Converters and VFD" forum here. Maybe also a call to David Samways of anglo-swiss-tools is in order.

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