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    Cincinnati 315-16dt parts

    I was wondering if anyone knows of one of these machines being scrapped or or parted out, I am in need of the knee dial, it was broken when I purchased it and would like to find one, also looking for...
  2. Thank you Kind Sir!

    Thank you Kind Sir!
  3. Cincinnati 315-16-dt W overarm spindle operators and parts manual

    I just picked up a 315-16-DT with overarm spindle. It was not used for quite some time but was sprayed down with LPS3 or equivelant and looks to be in pretty good shape. It is missing the outboard...
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    Thanks for the great info, now the model #s make...

    Thanks for the great info, now the model #s make more sense to me. I found a weight of 10,300 lbs listed in my internet digging, does this sound right? It sure looks right! Luckily I have a buddy...
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    Cincy 315-16 questions

    Hello all. I am looking for some knowledge of a Cincy 315-16. In the accompanying pictures is the machine in question, by the tag it says 315-16-DT serial # 4A3P5T-11 . In my internet searching I...
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