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  1. Poll: Advice on Kao Ming KM-40S (Maybe same as Makino C40)

    I recently came into possession of a nearly unused Kao Ming tool and cutter grinder. It had some of the fixtures, but not all and mostly had been slathered in grease once, 40 years ago, and never...
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    Small cutter grinders

    Ever since watching Stefan Gotteswinter's video on his Knuth KSW I've been interested in getting a similar machine, however, Knuth seems to be a totally unknown entity, and outside that one machine,...
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    Semi-manual Milling

    I'm a hobbyist working in a definitely non-production environment, and I'm considering a CNC conversion of a Bridgeport mill. I am comfortable with CNC, since I've built a fairly large CNC router...
  4. Thanks for the tips. I have switched to a finer...

    Thanks for the tips. I have switched to a finer stone, and in addition changed a few other things about my setup.

    1. the sharpening angle of the scraper is now >90°, I didn't realize that from...
  5. The Role of Stoning in developing Spot pattern

    I'm new to scraping, but have attempted to do my homework before asking this question.

    When scraping, we are looking for a good pattern of points of contact at 20-14 PPI. for these to be contact...
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