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  1. Upgrading Okuma OSP 5020 7000 CRT to New LCD

    Okuma OSP5000 OSP5020 and OSP7000 CRT Monitor is a 12 inch color crt display.

    Replacement Specifications type: Okuma OSP5000 OSP5020 and OSP7000 Color LCD, industrial LCD panel, 20 pin signal...
  2. Mazak, Mazatrol CRT Upgrading CD1472D1M and MDT-1283-02

    CD1472D1M Hitachi monitor is a mid generation CNC monitor, that was fitted on the Mazak / Yamazaki machine enabled controls of the late 80?s and 90?s. The CD1472D1M monitor is a 14? Colour crt...
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    Upgrading HAAS mono CRT Monitor to LCD

    HAAS CRT Monitor 28HM-NM4 is one of HAAS 12 inch CRT mono monitor displays for CNC. It was fitted on the Haas old VF-1, VF-2, V-F3, VF-4, VF-6 system, Model is: 93-5220C, 93-5220, 93-5222, 93-5222A....
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