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  1. Any of you guys good at adjusting Graziano clutches SAG 180?

    Ive read the manual and tried to adjust the clutches but I think Im making it worse or missing something. I warm the machine up and loosen the screw on the adjustment nut and tighten it a small...
  2. Thank you for the reply. One more question why...

    Thank you for the reply. One more question why the 5 positions? I see the stops under the bed but probably a dumb question if I stared at it long enough.

    Also thank you for the manuals and wow...
  3. Graziano 180 questions and English manual?

    Hello everyone I just a got a SAG 180 and got her dialed in but Im new to lathe work and can't read Italian. I was able to locate the manuals for both the SAG 180 and 14 but they are vague at best...
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