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  1. The attachment illustrates that the...

    The attachment illustrates that the above-described change is minimal, and applies only to the C-H contactor coil, and to the two filament transformers.

    The B&S coolant pump is not affected.
  2. "The first dwg. shows the coolant pump still...

    "The first dwg. shows the coolant pump still receiving the line voltage. To be consistent, the coolant pump should be disconnected unless T is a 3phase transformer."

    In the usual case of a B&S 200...
  3. Simple, Inexpensive "Universal" WiaD Voltage Conversions

    The usual case of a WiaD is conversion of an industrial 460 volt machine to a residential or commercial or light industrial 230 volt premises.

    The less usual case is conversion of a residential or...
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