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    other comments

    lap the valves with compound (machine head and valve if lash is out too far): those should seal tight mate perfect

    piston head can be dirty (will be soon after running). too much buildup on...
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    cleaning aluminum

    "the best way to destroy something is to clean it improperly"

    i emphasize advice from above posts. example: aluminum wheel cleaner had been used a while for "really dirty wheel". it became...
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    enjoyed reading

    done a little plating at home not aluminum yet

    i like to add other than wiki to learn form, there are mail order catalogs to find on internet to make plating (buffing, anything) at home more...
  4. any kind of "after the fact", inner tank, coating...

    any kind of "after the fact", inner tank, coating scheme, i can think of at this time ends up costing more than trading in for a plain new tank
  5. storage

    a good debate is how to store. my manual says blow out air, then keep drain closed, store.

    but i hear in a closed container vapor pressure rises. also that any moisture will (w/o changes in...
  6. usu. paint cannot hold pressure but can cause...

    usu. paint cannot hold pressure but can cause "pin hole" rust which is worse (see other compressor tank discussions)

    > I've read something about hydrogen embrittlement with this technique

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    anti-freeze causes rust needs anti-rust additive

    anti-freeze i wouldn't try...

    They gave you excellent free advice above already (warnings against 1/2 "fixing" needing perfection)

    I've done gas tank welding and sloshing, must be perfect to...
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