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  1. OSP7000L - chuck clamp delay/auto door issues

    Hi Guys,

    A couple of years ago I bought an old LU15 lathe, I'm fianally getting it setup to use.

    I'm having a couple of strange little issues.
    I'm sure they're really simple things to fix -...
  2. WTB: older used CNC mill in Melbourne (AUS)

    Hi Guys,

    I'm chasing an older, used CNC mill.

    Ideally somewhere around Melbourne, but I am happy to travel.

    40 or 50 taper machine.
    Minimum 1000mm X travel (more is fine).
    Not fussed about...
  3. OSP7000L issue with parameters/axis over travel

    Hi Guys,

    Having an issue with a new to me LU15 lathe.

    When I received the machine, the travel limit parameters were set to a tiny work envelope (approx. 100mm Z, 60mm X, on both turrets).

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    Chrome plated cylinder rod material works...

    Chrome plated cylinder rod material works particuarly well for line boring bars as it makes galling almost a non-issue.
    It is also centreless ground, so is usually quite round/straight.
    4140 would...
  5. Hi sophtayl, It might be too late by now but...

    Hi sophtayl,

    It might be too late by now but just FYI; I bought one of the LU-15's for $7k (+ their removal fee & buyer premium).
    Haven't seen it under power or anything, so bit of a risk really,...
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