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  1. Mazak FJV-100/120, problems opening the door

    Good afternoon everyone,

    In the shop today I had an operator come up to me saying the Mazak FJV-100/120's door is a bit stiff and he is having a hard time opening it with much less than a pry bar...
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    We are currently looking into building a...

    We are currently looking into building a jig/guide to allow us to drill at an angle. This would allow us to get close to the casting and use toe clamp anchors, however, I am not certain this is our...
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    Anchoring Mazak HCN-6800

    We installed a Mazak HCN-6800 in our facility a while ago. Currently, the machine is slowly walking across the shop floor.

    My goal is to anchor the machine without having to move it. Does anyone...
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