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  1. The Ideal Post, some ideas

    For one, the code has to be output so that is as easy as possible to read - by you.

    Along those lines, it should strip out extraneous moves, like the ones that command intermediate steps that the...
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    I am with you. I have recently switched to Linux...

    I am with you. I have recently switched to Linux after two high dollar computers bit the dust. I found a computer called a Raspberry Pi 4B, 64 bit, with 4 cores, running about 2 ghz. You can buy a...
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    Language-based Part Programming - APT

    Jeff, you have the right idea. And your answer is APT.

    I hope you found your solution in Visual CAM Script software. But it looks like that is no longer available. There are other reworks of...
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    Magnesium is typically cast in green sand - which...

    Magnesium is typically cast in green sand - which means a water/clay system. I have seen the sand for magnesium casting almost the consistency of mud, it was so wet.

    What cools it down is, the...
  5. Inaccuracy in Oversize

    You might want to look at 'Inaccuracy in Oversize' in your Machinery's Handbook. And I'd definitely spot drill first using a combination drill and csk...
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