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  1. I was a production welder-fitter, and Welder "A" a W&S CMD Cleveland

    I recently made a quick video that has a small mock up weld of the W&S SC machine bases welded with SMAW, when I worked in the mid 70's to mid 80's see it at...

    Please "LIKE" the video...
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    I agree with you greenbugy. Most MIG welding is...

    I agree with you greenbugy. Most MIG welding is done too cold. Remember that heat is amps x volts= arc watts[arc heat] Increase wire speed will increase amperage, Voltage increase will also add...
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    Too high a voltage setting will always leave a...

    Too high a voltage setting will always leave a ball when the the arc is extinguished. Try turning your volts down 1 volt at a time..the wire should "pinch off" to a no ball condition eventually. I...
  4. re: MAKE IT

    THANKS....Thats always an option Trying the easy way first,
  5. HELP again...I finaly got a chance to measure the...

    HELP again...I finaly got a chance to measure the collets I do have. They measure .875 "7/8" on the O.D. The only ones sold by several sites are either 11/4 . 1" & 3/4" no 7/8". Am I SOL? I...
  6. That looks like it at MARI! thanks Mud. The...

    That looks like it at MARI! thanks Mud. The body of the ones I have are 1"
  7. Thanks...but are collets exactly like mine...

    Thanks...but are collets exactly like mine available? The KM & NK look different,
  8. Can anyone identify this quick change collet type?

    97960I recently got at an auction an older [60's-70's??] NIKKEN R8 collet holder w/ a few collets I went to the LYDEX-NIKEN tool site but there are a mess of collet holder/collet types.! Herre's...
  9. Cleveland, OH TMD div. of W&S For Sale...again...1$ min. bid!

    Looks like the dilapidated remains of one of the worlds greatest machine tool builders plant complex is for sale.

    Cleveland seeks bids for Warner & Swasey complex in Midtown, after 2010 rehab deal...
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    Another thing to consider... input power...

    Another thing to consider... input power requirements. Make sure it is single phase, not 3 phase. Also, it WILL require 80 to 0ver 100 amps input power on 230v. If you only have 50 amp 230v, you...
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    There MAY be a slightly "tougher" to machine...

    There MAY be a slightly "tougher" to machine deposit that "may" give a HSS tool a workout,but no problem for a carbide tool. Also, in general FCAW has more penetration and admixture of the base metal...
  12. Warner & Swasey made parts for Thomson sub machine guns!

    Hey, my old stomping grounds W&S even made parts [Cleveland TMD plant] for the Thomson sub machine guns in 1920's [See Cleveland PD link below]

    Famed Tommy Gun of Roaring '20s and World War II...
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    Re; w&s?

    Jim: If you go to the Warner & Swasey forum, here on PM you will find the answer to your question, and more. The video is also mentioned there too. Do a search of the posts, they go back to 2005. ...
  14. Surplus $$

    Here's a quote from Abe Lincoln " it when you need it least, have it when you need it most"

    If everyone more or less would do just that...there would not be so many "broke" people we...
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    E7018 ac? E7018ac?

    I just made a video where I burn test a bunch of E7018/E7018AC using an AC welding machine! Take a look>

    YouTube - E7018AC
  16. Zoning issues...

    DAM STRAIGHT right on. I would have added all these could be bought at Home Depot, Sears, K-Mart, ect., for the home DIY shop. Go fine them and the whole town for "violations to the codified...
  17. Poll: buying own tools...

    I 'd like to add that when I was a machinist trainee in 1973, in a small 5 man shop[ 2 owners, 2 others&me] I too had to buy basic tools, and was expected to add as warranted by experience.
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    Vintage GE arc welding instruction video

    Here's a very good beginner's arc welding lesson film back in the 1940's!

    Take a look.
    YouTube - Vintage basic beginner arc welding instructions GE. circa late 1940's...narration by AWD Jr
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    welding ladle

    You are going to find that the 5/32 6011 will work good on the root pass, and for sealing up gaps from any rough torch cuts. It is going to take 10 times the rod you have just to do that for the...
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    You may want to also take a look at Enco online ...

    You may want to also take a look at Enco online
    Once you know the insert choice, they have a vast selection, an easy to use catalog...
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    Chuck Key

    Chuck key was not "left" in the chuck [THAT' IS A SAFETY NO NO] While setting up the camera shot and the work, I had the chuck key and cross slide lever in one hand and the camera in the other...had...
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    Crosslide-rear toolpost

    I recently scored a Logan cross slide ...fits my 10" 1875. I just finished up making the rear tool post for it. I still need to make a front similar one for form tool/ cut-off work. I have seen...
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    Shop Video

    Thanks to all replies guys...I just feel it is hard {for me anyway} to give & take 100% on these computer forums by just typing words out to whom ever's words are out thier? A picture is worth a...
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    Here's a long awaited video of me & shop

    It kinda starts out slow and boring but gets better...make some popcorn and grab a seat!

    YouTube - AWD Jr Introduction

    [I also, have vids on welding, blacksmithing there on My Youtube Channel]...
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    welding 8620/4140

    I have made some "smith'n" tools myself. Most of the high quality "store bought" tools for the pro's are made from 4140. The top $ production tools are made from H13 or S7 tool steel.
    Of the two...
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