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  1. Mastercam parameter windows have a Help link, but I am looking for an in-depth book

    I am looking for a book that covers all parameters that Mastercam has. Like the help files, but better. Like a Mastercam Bible or a Mastercam for Dummies. Solidworks seems to have much available, why...
  2. No I meant that I should finish the school as...

    No I meant that I should finish the school as best I can without getting into any arguments and get the best job I can even though I could probably be better if they taught in ways I wish they taught.
  3. I am hesitant about criticizing my school. How much am I allowed to learn on the job?

    How do I find an opportunity that will allow me to learn on the job? I am afraid of criticizing the teaching methods at my school so I figure if I can do well enough I can find a job I am slightly...
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