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    Thank you for your input.

    Thank you for your input.
  2. Monarch 14C Cross Feed Lock Collars (year 1942)


    I was pulling apart the cross feed assembly and the lock collars fell out and I'm not quite sure the order they go back together. I think I've correctly put things back but I'd appreciate...
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    Monarch 14C Spindle Clutch Mesh

    Hello monarch enthusiasts, I could use some guidance on how to approach the situation that I'm currently in with my new-to-me lathe.

    I have a Monarch 14C that is in pretty good shape overall...
  4. Hello All, Thanks again for the responses. ...

    Hello All,

    Thanks again for the responses.

    Update: I called Juan from phase-o-matic (very polite and helpful). Juan initially believed that I had a wiring issue to the motor, but at the end of...
  5. Thank you for the quick responses. They're very...

    Thank you for the quick responses. They're very much appreciated.

    Texasgunsmith, thank you for the correction. You observations regarding the model and type of machine is correct.

    I was able...
  6. Cincinnati #2 Horizontal - New member - New to Machining

    Hello All,
    Excited to be apart of this community, make chips and to learn.

    I recently acquired my first Horizontal Mill and I'm having issues getting it to run. I do plan on purchasing the...
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