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  1. Thanks for all the help I have some things to...

    Thanks for all the help I have some things to try.
    The machine came with a worn out reddish brown wheel that all the numbers were worn off of and it ran pretty good.
    when the machine came last year...
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    Wheel to grind motor armatures.

    We have a Kellenberger grinder and some times we have to grind motor armatures on it.they have rare earth magnets glued on them and are a real pain to grind.
    does anyone know what wheel should be...
  3. Landis grinding wheel for rolls and 1144 steel parts

    My boss bought a used landis grinder and we don't know what wheel to use on it .
    every one he bought just burns parts and he considers it my fault.
    The machine is a 14x96 and uses a 30"wheel.
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