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    Ebay Germany payment

    OK Arthur, here is how I made foreign payments in the past & it's simple & fast. Don't bother w/ the bank crap. Chances are you'll be asking someone for procedures they don't know. Go to Western...
  2. FS-Set Steel Stamps, Indexable Toolholders, Octagon Carbide inserts, 3-4, 4-5 Mics

    FS-$16.- 3 Carbide indexable toolholders-new. (1) 1" x 1.1/4 MRGOL 85-4D w/ (4) 1/2 dia x 3/16 inserts TP-200, positive side clearance, complete w/ shim & top clamp---(1) 1.1/4 x 1.1/4 TRGOL-20-4 for...
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    Norton surface grinder

    This is probably a ball bearing spindle as many of these had oil cups & were not permanently sealed. I always followed the advice of my former instructor when I was an apprentice toolmaker & use...
  4. Claims on insurance

    Sorry, Mark, You cannot collect on your homeowmer's ins. Only OTHER people injured on your property can collect depending on the circumstances involving your negligence, but you can't collect from...
  5. FS-New End Mills, Surface Ga w/ Indic, Hand Reamers, Machine Reamers

    FS-$29.- Machine reamers, HSS, exc cond, sharp, U.S. made, 9 mach reamers sold as a lot-3/32 dia, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4(1 MT shank), 9/32, 5/16, 3/8. Buyer pays 7.75 for packing, handling,...
  6. FS-Large Flycutter, Carbide Indexable Toolholders & Face Mill

    FS-$36.-Carbide indexable face mill, Mitsubishi-Boer 0304-C, HB-7727. Almost like new cond, no arbor, 2.1/2 cutting dia w/ positive rake, mounting screw & clamping key & 4 clamping screws. Included 4...
  7. Ebay purchase & Insurance

    First off it is the buyer's responsibility to pay the seller for insurance. Why would you try to hold the seller responsible if rough handling & mistreatment at the PO caused the problem. Someone...
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    Magnetic chuck

    This should not be used on a milling machine as it will not positively hold & the workpiece will not be constrained. Even if you got away with it by using very small end mills, the magnetic flow...
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    Semantics - turning & milling

    I am FLYING on an airplane, I am SAILING on a ship, I am TURNING on a lathe, I am MILLING on a milling mach -- et al.
  10. Thread: ID Measuring

    by stannp368

    ID measuring

    Since you stated "yeah, tight tolerance" I assume you mean .001 ". Don't go to the trouble to make plug gages. Your best bet is sneak up on it w/ telescope gage to within .003"-.004" & then use a...
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    Which lathe to buy

    I give the same advice to all beginners. It depends on what size of work you will be doing. DON'T buy a new lathe if you are just starting out. If you intend to make smaller parts, get a 9" or 10"K...
  12. Diamond Whl Dressers, Surface Ga & Misc Tools, Toolmaker's Vise, 12" StarrettVerniers

    FS-$30.- Three diamond dressers for grinding wheels & 1 Norbide stick. (3)1/2 dia diamond nibs w/ small diamonds-shank lengths 2.1/2, 3.1/2, 6"---1 Norbide stick (Boron Carbide) 3" long, extremely...
  13. FS-Starrett Dial Caliper, 12" Comb Sq Set, Taper Pin Reamers, Tap Extension Holders

    FS-$68. Starrett dial caliper no. 120 w/ case. U.S. made, 0-6", extra fine cond, .001 div, .100 per rev, meas inside, outside & depth ga projecting from end of beam. Hardened stainless stl, satin...
  14. Non paying customers

    It's a sad state of affairs that this happens too often. First off, your customer is a liar in that if the parts were really bad he would have sent them back not "rework" them. He is responsible to...
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    Taking tools home

    This dilemma could be quite simple to solve but cooperation is req by co. & worker. I worked as a toolmaker in a well equipped shop. We were allowed to take out certain co. tools if we signed a...
  16. FS-Pivot Dr & Broaches, Mag Base & Indic, Gear Cutters, Dial Bore Ga, Boring Head

    FS-$39. Watchmaker's pivot drills & hole broaches. 68 Mascot pivot drills-.004-.018 & 21 French made broaches-.008-.054. Drills-(2).004 dia, (13).006, (1).008, (10).009, (15).010, (1).012, (1).016,...
  17. FS-12" Atlas lathe Compound & Tailstock, 8" dia 4 Jaw Chuck, Dumore Toolpost Grinder

    FS- Lathe compound from a 12" Atlas lathe. 1.1/2 dia bottom mounting hole, 5/16 x 1 top toolpost slot. Extra fine cond. Also-Atlas toolpost w/ 2 toolholders, (1) 1/4 & (1) 5/16. Price-$235. compound...
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    Import duty on steel

    Fundamentally speaking, tariffs & import duties are meant to slow down the imports of certain items the same as no duty or tariff is meant to help a certain country export those goods to us. No one...
  19. FS-6" Depth Mic, Toolmaker's Squares, 6" Dial Caliper, Mach Reamers, Surf Gage &Indic

    FS-$31.- Surface gage/indicator holder w/ Ames dial indicator. Starrett surface gage/indicator holder w/ 2.1/2 x 3" cast iron base, 12" post, 1/4 dia scriber & Ames dial indicator w/ 1/4 dia adapter...
  20. FS-Carbide Indexable Toolholders & Carbide Inserts--Various shapes--All New

    FS-$9.99.- 10 new carbide cutoff/grooving inserts, self gripping, never used-(10) 1/4 wide, no. PV-52, Newcomer, U.S. Buyer pays 7.75 for packing, handling, shipping for U.S. delivery. APO, FPO &...
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    Cutting a taper on manual lathe

    First off, you don't have to offset the tailstock very much. The formula for offset is--
    Offset=taper per in div by 2, then multiply by total length between centers. In your case, taper per in is...
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    Threading on a horiz milling mach

    Follow step by step & you'll be Downtown. First off, your helix angle is too small to use a horiz milling cutter as you cannot swivel the table as far as req so you will need a 29 deg end mill...
  23. FS-Dial Bore Gage, Gear Cutters, Taper Pin Reamers, Tap Extension Holders, Mach Ream

    FS-$185.- Dial bore gage Mitutoyo 511-182, top quality, exc cond w/ Mitutoyo .0001 jeweled dial indicator. Handle probe 15" long. Includes 6 extension meas anvils which meas from 6.4-10". 6 anvil...
  24. FS-Carbide Indexable Toolholders, Indexable Face Mill, Carbide Inserts

    FS-$33.- 3 Carbide indexable toolholders-new. (1) 1" x 1.1/4 shank MRGOL 85-4D w/ (4) 1/2 dia x 3/16 inserts TP-200, positive side clearance, complete w/ shim & top clamp---(1) 1.1/4 x 1.1/4...
  25. FS-Dumore Toolpost Gr, Bridgeport Boring Hd, 4 Jaw 8" Chuck, Atlas Lathe Compound

    FS-$485.- Dumore toolpost grinder, 1/4 HP, 230 V, 1.8 Amps. Ex fine cond w/ fitted case, wheelguard, 3 gr whls, 3 extra pulleys, internal grinding spindle extension w/ 5 gr whls, 20 amp receptacle. ...
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