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    Bridgeport 760/22 networking

    Hi guys, I just recently got my mill up and running and I can not figure out how to load programs from my laptop to the machine. it is a dx32 controller. I was told that to use the ethernet port it...
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    95 Bridgeport 760 22 axis trouble

    First time firing up and machine wont home. I tried to jog the axis x and y worked and when I tried to move z the drives shut off. Not sure where to go from here any help appreciated.
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    I am a couple weeks out from powering it up. I...

    I am a couple weeks out from powering it up. I will check all of that before we even get the wiring in. I have only ran hurco cnc machines as of now have programmed the mills and lathes with the...
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    Isaac it has been moved but not repowered. Where...

    Isaac it has been moved but not repowered. Where is the cmos battery in this machine? I would like to find a 6000 rpm pulley for it. On the upgrades I was just curious if there was any. Thanks for...
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    1995 Bridgeport VMC 760/22

    Hi guys, I have a 1995 Bridgeport VMC 760/22 with a DX-32 control. The machine has been sitting almost 2 years and I'm wanting some advice on what I should do before I power it up. I don't have the...
  6. Hi, you can send me an email at...

    Hi, you can send me an email at [email protected] and we would be happy to quote your job. Thank you
  7. Pit bike heads! Milling polishing and porting

    Hey everyone. I wanted some advice on what's the best way to mill and port head's on pit bikes me and all my buddies ride either ttr125s or cr150fs and a couple have klx140s. I recently bought a...
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