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    Werma buzzer element

    I want to change my buzzer from constant tone to pulsating tone does anyone know whatni need to do. The place i bought it from told me there was a sticker on the side that gave me the infromation but...
  2. 240 vac 3 phase bull dog box no power between the a and b phase.

    I'm having a problem getting 240vac on all three phases to my machine at the top of the box I get 240vac between all three phases after the fuse I don't have 240v across the a and b phase I changed...
  3. adding a solenoid valve to a i/o board what voltage

    I have a Haas VF-2 VOPD and want to run a air solenoid off the m code part of the board I have 3 voltages I can use 24vdc 120vac 12vdc when I looked up the electrical manual for another machine the...
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    hardinge 7/51 barfeed sizes

    I have a bar that the pusher physicly measures 26mm that is in the 32m bar spot. If this is the case should I order the pusher size 26MM and not the spot size.
  5. Lns coveyor chips hanging on underneath and end up back in tank cleaning constantly

    I have a lns turbo hb and i have to clean the chips out from underneath the conveyor twice a week.what is the best way to remove them before the go back in the tank. One machine has blaser-cut 940....
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