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  1. Enco 92010 tear down & condition assessment

    Well, I bought a "12x36" enco bench lathe a few days ago, and finally had time to tear her down today.

    It's a little worse than I had expected. Couple of chipped teeth on one of the back gears....
  2. 94 Hyundai HiT18-s (for parts) near chicago - $1500

    Completely in tact 1994 hyundai hit18s turning center with siemens 840c control.

    8 Tool holders
    10" chuck (2 sets of soft jaws)
    Parts catcher

    Machine has been sitting off of power since...
  3. Need help w/ 3ph in home shop! Hyundai HiT18s

    ....So, I opened a business a year ago with my best friend of 12 years. It immediately took off, and we struggled to keep up ever since. We were about a month behind on manufacturing, both taking...
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