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  1. hard metal flensing

    body removed and waterous pump extracted

    noteworthy features of pump---

    black motor at base primes pump for output

    gearmotor which is upright shifts between road travel and exclusive output...
  2. you know it's a Detroit if--------

    engine oil pressure gauge reads --zero---and its in the green zone :(
  3. tank extraction

    separated obvious connections to pump from 500 gal water tank

    no hold down restraints of any category were in use

    tank lifted out without significant resistance--estimated empty weight
  4. low air pressure circuit alarm no red plugs on...

    low air pressure circuit alarm

    no red plugs on this unit:)
  5. 8V92 video

    cold start 50 degF

    if you are not a two stroke fan---move along---nothing to see here ;)


  6. horns, sirens, rollers---everything but a spotted...

    horns, sirens, rollers---everything but a spotted dog :)

    so --came across pics and toy of similar re-fit
  7. metamorph---genesis of bespoke machine hauler

    this weeks project arrived one week ago--Seagrave pumper fire truck--1988

    tare weight 24K--laden 38K
    I placed bid for one feature--Detroit 8V92 TA with DDEC control
    Allison HT741 transmission...
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