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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Dickman View Post
    Well, I was able to find material at a reasonable price. I think my conclusion is that a couple suppliers were trying to screw me on cutting. I'm definitely keeping my eye out for a plate saw.

    FWIW, IMS isn't too bad, but they don't sell 7075. Fry is fairly dependable, but they don't sell plate.

    I hate getting jerked around by sales people if you don't stay on top of their prices. Also I get what I deserve if I don't keep track of what I'm paying.

    But if I have to call each time and "work on my pricing" if I don;t have the time, I go where I get good pricing. To bad they don;t always figure that out.

    Had a salesguy ask me why I don't call him for better pricing...umm, I don't have teh time, just give me across the board good and I'm happy. Toss in a few slammers I go elsewhere

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    Yeah, quite a few of the sales people and/or sales departments at some of these places are morons.................Usually the big outfits............... Good prices for a few weeks or months and then boom, sky high while every one else's are stable. I don't order from them for a couple of months and then I get a call wonderin why.............the question is always,"Where do we have to be at($) to win your business?" I never tell them what kind of numbers they have to be at. Just give me fair pricing. The next few months it will be in the ballpark. The best for me has been the small local suppliers. They will all be within a few ¢/lb. It then usually comes down to availability and delivery lead time.

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