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    Lots of excellent input and some good food for thought.

    I do not personally think any of the products I make will be copied by the chinese. Some are extremely cheap and easy to make, but the market is VERY small. Most would be considered low volume/niche items. Others, as mentioned, are high complexity. Anyone with a CNC could make them, but making the special cutters required to do the work, and reverse engineering would be difficult.

    So far I have priced most as the market will bare, based on consumer response. For some jobs that means I barely make shop rate, others I make good money on. The jobs I barely make shop rate provide a strong incentive to improve my processes. I did a job earlier this year that started out at a 50 minute cycle time (3 operations). Over the course of the job I was able to trim that down to 38 minutes.

    Some mentioned the enjoyment of the development. My business originally started as a hobby, so I do enjoy MOST of the work I do.

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