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    Quote Originally Posted by Gordon B. Clarke View Post
    Is someone can tell me where in ISO 9000 there's written anything about making good or better quality or whatever it is that is made or done better I'd like to know where to read it.
    Not in 9000 as those who wrote it thought people would give a shit and not make concrete life jackets.
    In 9001 it's in section 9 and a few others that had to be added.
    When 9000 was put together a interest in making a good product was assumed as normal or the price of entry. This assumption proved not right and was admittedly a big miss.
    Everyone whines about how big this thing has become, it would be so nice if could be small, sweet, and readable but that is not how the sausage is made.
    Why do we need such crazy paperwork standards?

    Once the world around me was a mix of simple standards, good that it became one in 16949.
    Now IAFT and for sure making good customer parts and handling any field failures is a part of staying certified.
    Maybe you have not lived in the world of your cert is about to be yanked, all work will go to a competitor and a few thousand people who hate QC now expect you to pull the rabbit out of the hat to save them?

    All the new standards include customer satisfaction and feedback. This due to the old "I made it to print" and QC managers that went along for the ride.

    Good/bad of all this for medium size shops I'm not so sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarbideBob View Post
    When 9000 was put together a interest in making a good product was assumed as normal or the price of entry.
    ISO 9000 wasn't "put together". Originally just about every industrial country had their own form of ISO 9000. The standard of one particular country was thought to be best so that was "adopted" by ISO. Over time it has been tweaked slightly but only slightly.

    If anyone voluntarily wants to go for ISO 9000 certification then it won't keep me awake at night. Personally I wouldn't unless I had no option. "Option" here is if the customers I wanted to attract had it as a mandatory requirement.

    I've worked with QC for as long as with thread measurement so both are subjects I feel I know more about than most but I sure as hell don't know everything about both

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