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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1974 View Post
    I recently lost somewhat of a friend (long story) due to a shop accident. Osha is investigating now (might be done dunno) what happened. They might be a PITA, but I agree with Bob, someone needs to regulate worker safety. There will always be horror stories about big fines and stuff.... I think the reason they straight up fine you is because that is (typically) where it hurts the most and makes the most impact- your wallet!
    They have partially finished the investigation, workplace looking at a 21k fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by danil View Post
    OSHA my way.

    OSHA is in place to protect our workforce. I would substitute mandatory education and implementation of safety program in lieu of a fine for these first offenses(non-accident oriented visits). Would this not improve safety in a more meaningful and tangible way for these employees? Seems better than taking 3,000 out of the available funds to improve the workfork.
    I don't know. He is dead and gone now. Not that a fine helps his family by any means, but maybe it will make them (the factory) think twice about saving $50 on a lockout tagout kit, or hiring unskilled workers and dumping them on the floor with unsatisfactory training, or..??... I understand an accident is an accident, but could have it been prevented? I don't know, doubt anyone will.

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