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    Quote Originally Posted by EmanuelGoldstein View Post
    I am glad I never had you for an attorney, because your understanding of the English language sucks balls.
    Meahh.. I could probably get you off with only 20 to life.... if you'd be willing to cop a plea to a lesser?
    Mind.. that's only in a US court.

    Pee are sea, yer on yer own. Not sure even ONE of the several forms of yer insanity are admissable in extenuation nor mitigation?

    Yer best shot is the standing proof that you are so debauched nary a one of yer organs is worth the bother of harvesting. If even still distinguishable, one from another?

    I mean s**t for brains ain't uncommon, DNC has it licensed-out cheaply enough. So cheaply, they've flooded the market, though. That don't leave much demand for it as donor tissue.

    Sorry. Unless you saved all them vintage comic books off yer political education years, yer heirs are just f**ked outta anything of value atall. Unlesss...

    Not allergic to sweet rice vinegar, are ye? Smaller twisty Daikon extrapolated, about 20 gallon should do yah.

    Or yah could get famous entertaining Uighers?
    Figure you can still pass a football?

    Now how about the harder part? Swallowing it intact to begin with.

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