Preventative Maintenance Software
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    Default Preventative Maintenance Software

    I found a thread from 2009 so instead of reviving it, figure I start a new one.

    Needing something more modern than the MP2 this place has been using since dinosaurs roamed the earth (I haven't really looked into MP2. There's only one person here that's trained on the system and their knowledge is minimal since they were taught from a person that was retiring. So far, I'm not impressed with the software). We only have MP2 on one computer that's running something like Windows XP since the software won't work on a modern OS and the software company apparently want's something astronomical to update our platform.

    Last place I worked used Maximo which was fairly good. I guess we tried looking into a cloud based system for this place but I know that's a treacherous path. They lure you in the affordable prices then jack up the subscription down the road leaving you vulnerable since all of your info is on their system. Therefore, I'm looking for something not subscription based and able to load on numerous computers.

    Needing to do the usual:

    Create and manage workorders with the ability to update/modify, add pictures, follow-ups, etc.
    Schedule routine PM workorders: machines, facilities, etc.
    Ability to filter and print WO's based on machines. Helps with end of year planning/budgeting on which of our crappiest machines are costing us the most money.
    Anything else to bring us into the 21st century.

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    Though I'm a one man shop in a small college, I've had great use of AyaNova software for 15 years. I highly them recommend because of the versatility and customer support. AyaNova service management software

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    I'm not up on the latest PM software but, IMO, it would be absolutely best if properly integrated into an ERP system. I wanted to do this on a custom system we had developed but I didn't work there long enough. Here's what I saw as advantages (that you could use to evaluate the possibility of integrating it into your ERP system if your company has one):

    1. Work order timing (for PM activity) could be based on the amount of process work that has passed though a machine (might be an issue if there are multiple machines doing the same work). You coudl also schedule PM work when scheduled work was a low (if time would allow) or integrate planned downtime into production scheduling (they know when NOT to schedule work on that machine).
    2. Supplier, purchase orders, inventory, etc. features (for machines and spare parts) could be "integrated" into production ERP system. This is especially beneficial as many special tools are not only tied to machines but to specific parts that are being produced.
    3. Spare parts should be tied to machines and the parts you manufacture should as well (i.e. routings). That way, if you stop using a certain machine, you can run a report telling you which spare parts to obsolete.

    Granted, some of this activity can be done with independent PM systems (e.g. someone tells you they're obsoleting a machine), but I've always felt that, properly integrated, there could be very good benefits. Just something to consider. I did some ERP evaluation and it appeared that some had PM features, at least as options.

    Good luck,
    The Dude

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