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Thread: Quoting Issues

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    We use e2 shoptech in our shop. Makes it very easy to quote parts and keep track of lead times as well as quality control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobw View Post
    Quoting is a pain in the ass, and as far as I've ever noticed, there isn't or can't be
    an exact science to it..


    Is the customer smart enough to know what actually matters and what doesn't? Lanyard hole,
    .092" +0/-.0005, .002 true position.. And in reality the lanyard is actually .145 in
    diameter, and the location could be off by up to 3 full inches and it wouldn't effect
    a single thing.. Are they smart enough to know that? Or are they going to be up your
    ass because the hole is only .0025 within position.. And then when you waste a shitload
    of time explaining why it doesn't matter.. Come back on you because your hole is too
    small because the .145 thick lanyard doesn't fit in the .092 hole. THOSE customers get
    charged more.. I call it a "PAIN IN THE ASS multiplier".

    *A job came into the shop.. I can tell you exactly what it was/is, and where it goes, but I won't..
    Nothing super critical, but it HAD to be right(ish). HUGE money for what it was.. 75 cents in material.
    a heat treat and a passivate.. To the gov for about $125. The "shop" was getting $80 each..

    So, we all sat down and talked about it, because it was tricky.. So they are going on about all the
    custom tooling we are going to have to order, and we are going to have send back the material and
    get far oversize stock.. And I'm sitting there telling them, NO.. THIS IS STUPID SIMPLE..
    Eventually I won, and they let me do it my way.. I SAW it different than they did..


    Just wanted to highlight what you said in the first part. I was soooo fuc*ing mad at our inspection guy for this kind of crap. Although he was 'technically' correct a dim was out of spec +/-.005" dim and they were checking LITERALLY +.0001 and +.0002 and he wanted to reject those. This wasn't a machined feature, it was a pin pressed in, not for location mind you, just a orientation pin. IE 1/16" pin pressed in so it dropped in a an .080 +/-.001 hole so you couldn't put it together backwards. Don't remember the depth of the hole, but it was plenty of clearance at the bottom, the pin length could have been +.01 / -.05 and been fine for the function of it. What an assclown!!

    A few years back we did a job like that too.* It was a little piece of alum bar with 4 helicoil inserts. We got something like $70ish a piece for them LoL. As soon as we ran stock they became obsolete (of course!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by as9100d View Post
    We use e2 shoptech in our shop. Makes it very easy to quote parts and keep track of lead times as well as quality control.
    Any hints as to what it costs?
    They like to keep pricing a secret.....probably to avoid personal injury lawsuits when potential customers faint from sticker shock.

    So I did a couple jobs for a place thru a middle man sales rep. They had these 'pucks' that were feet on the bottom of a machine. There were 2) 1/2-13 holes on the flat side, and the center-center distance was +/-.002.....on threaded holes. The engineer said he was using them as 'locating holes' and might tighten up the location to +/-.001 They're communicating thru the sales guy, I can't talk to them directly.
    An........I'm....like....."They're using threaded holes for location? Why not add a couple dowel pins?" Nope, can't do that.

    Then they rejected my parts, threaded holes out of location....
    Except....I got the threads good with a go-nogo gauge. Then I made precise and snug fitting threaded pins that I could mike across to check hole location.
    The holes WERE right on the center-center spec. So I tell the sales guy to find out how they are inspecting them.
    He goes there, and sees inspection dude with dial calipers in the holes 'inspecting' center-center distance......of +/- .001.
    Sales guy is smart enough to know my method is more accurate, and explains that to engineer guy.
    Then......they want me to send them my threaded pins so they can verify that I'm not lying about my method or dimensions.
    I'm like.....yea........fuck off morons.
    They ended up sending the parts to another vendor that quoted them cheaper, but couldn't get the center distance right on the threaded holes.
    So then they wanted me to make them again, and I raised the price almost double.......'asshole multiplier' I think it's called?

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    Punks don't buy machines to start a business in their free time when not working their normal job....just saying.

    You can use a spreadsheet or software to quote. But if like my jobs, everyone is a bit different and some features just take longer or less time then a computer will tell you. CAD doesn't see a drill getting a birds nest...experience tells you extra pecks or increase feed or stop and reverse drill to toss chips at the 1/2 way point. That can be the difference between making your time or falling behind.

    What the market will bear is based on your customer and what your making.
    If its an item they can get from you or the other sixteen shops that quoted it...the market may bear ess then your cost if your competing with a guy that runs his boss machine on off times with the bosses materials.

    On the other hand if you figured a way to tackle the job nobody else can do and the customer NEEDs that part...well the sky is the limit at those times.

    Me...I like to get my rate...more touchy parts get priced at a higher rate then simpler parts.

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