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    Quote Originally Posted by DMF_TomB View Post
    often recruiter gets 1/2 on job placement and 1/2 after 90 days and the decision to permanently hire is made. many companies you are temporary employee for 1 to 6 months. they need time to evaluate the new employee is working out ok or not
    Here a recruiter only works with direct hire positions. An employment agency works in the way you are describing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milacron View Post
    Presume the employer pays the fee, yes ? Otherwise I can't see how a typical CNC machinist or programmer could live on half salary for a year as the pay is not ideal even at full amount.
    Here (Denmark) we have agencies that specialize in finding people (usually adverts in newspapers but they sometimes "head hunt") for jobs but as good as always for well paid jobs. I don't think I've ever seen one of those agencies look for machinists or similar.

    One of the jobs I've had was through an agency and they did the interviews. It was for a good company I went to and I enjoyed my time there. Another time I was head hunted, offered the job, but said "No thanks".

    These agencies are hired by and payed by the company looking for employees.

    As I've already written jobs here for machinists are either advertised in newspapers or at job centers. Going back to the beginning of this thread then if any company here was looking for 50 machinists it'd make the TV news

    Bit OT but I know of several German machinists that drive to Denmark and back from Germany every day. Wages are higher here. To understand that then look at the border between Denmark and Germany. Same with Swedes working in Denmark is probably more common than vice versa.

    Border crossing Denmark to Germany - YouTube

    SWEDEN & DENMARK: Oresund Bridge and tunnel - YouTube

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