Pin set for bronze bushing interfering with shaft in heavy 10 wide range gearbox...?
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    Default Pin set for bronze bushing interfering with shaft in heavy 10 wide range gearbox...?

    I posted this on the Yahoo South Bend Lathe Group, but got crickets. I'm hoping someone here has actually replaced the bronze bushings in a wide range gearbox and could help me understand:

    The bushing housing in the center of the wide range gearbox, which houses the ball bearing for the layshaft and the bronze bearing for the input shaft, has two holes in it. One hole is to allow drilling the oil passage before the bronze is pressed in, and the other is to allow a pin to be driven in to lock the position of that bushing, right?

    So, on the gearbox I'm rebuilding (my first, I should add), that pin penetrates the ID of the bushing, so much so that the centerline of the hole drilled for the pin is pointed right at the main body of the casting, making removing the pin difficult and potentially damaging to the pin. The pin I was able to extract from the housing was scalloped (for lack of a better term) to allow it to pass through the ID of the bushing but not prevent the shaft from spinning. Is this making sense? This doesn't seem right...any rebuilding guides I've seen indicate that a hole can be drilled through the bushing using the hole in the casting as a guide and a pin installed *with the input shaft in place*. I've included some pictures as a comprehension aid:

    The casting:

    The damaged pin:

    This seems like a strange, unserviceable design, but wanted to run it you guys before I continued. I hope this is making sense. If you need any other pictures to help visualize the problem, let me know.

    I was going to take the bushing out to try and investigate a sticky input shaft. The bushing appears to show little to no wear, as the shaft has zero play, but the effort to turn the shaft was high.

    Thanks for your help guys.
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