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    Quote Originally Posted by markz528 View Post
    Looks a lot like my lathe. Mine is a 16 inch 6 foot and is a 1969 vintage.

    I do believe that those lathes came with 3 hp motors - at least mine did. I went back to a 3 phase motor to have the variable speed. I would sell my 3 hp single phase motor with contactors (makes the motor reversing).

    My pulley has a bad groove so I run 3 belts. One would thing that 4 belts is overkill, but it really needs the 4 belts for starting even with the vfd. The pulleys are small and they slip very easily during starting.

    I have been searching for a new pulley but have thus far struck out.

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    All the catalogs I've seen recommended 3/1.5HP but I gather motors were sold separately and people installed whatever they wanted. I've got a 2HP single speed 220/3-phase bolted up now - I did have to lift the lathe to pull the old motor and push the new one (new to me anyway) under the cabinet; the VFD should be here today.

    Removing the pulley from the original motor was a little dicey. I don't have acetylene and didn't have high hopes for propane but a bit of heat on the pulley and oil on the shaft freed it without much drama. The motor appears to have a date cast into the housing - Jan '59 So I'm guessing the lathe was probably delivered within a year or so of that, I still haven't found a serial number.

    The spindle bearings feel sticky to me; once it's moving it rotates freely but if you let it stay still for a second, it takes more force to start it by hand. I guess this is just what happens when the oil film breaks down while not moving - I assume this is the nature of bushings and it's normal.

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