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    Quote Originally Posted by mcload View Post
    I've have been reading of your journey with this lathe and the numerous problems you are encountering. I have to say that you are at the RIGHT forum as the guys giving advice are absolutely the best and most experienced bunch on the internet. And of course, kudos to Practical Machinist for hosting this S Bend forum!. It's really a heartache to see some of the problems you've run into like broken parts and gears...I feel so lucky that my little 9" Model A is in such good condition and well taken care of.

    But you seem to be overcoming the problems best you can and making strides; once you've finished, you'll have a great sense of achievement. Keep all your photos and print out this forum when its all said and done. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead! Best of luck!

    Thanks for the thoughts and following along. It's all good. I've been into a few things over the years and the internet has been a big part of my lessons and successes. This place is the best for people working with metal and all the processes and tools that go with it.

    Funny thing is the lathe worked OK when I bought it so I could have just used her as is and maybe I wouldn't have known any better! It is rewarding to put a fresh life into this machine though and use all the tools I have acquired over the years to do so. I have been reaching for tools that have sentimental value to me because they were my fathers (RIP) and tools that I used when working in Aerospace as a young man. I got to take a pause and learn a few things that I have always wanted to know more about too like getting better with electronic testing. Very satisfying and rewarding.

    I mentioned somewhere along the way that my son has a great interest in using this lathe too so the timing is perfect since we only have a couple more years together before college. I cant believe its been a year since I started. There were a few multi week periods where I didnt touch the lathe maybe 4 months worth so I am working slow but I can see the end in sight now! Cheers and Aloha

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