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    I realize I haven't contributed anything on this site, I have been a member sense 2013 which I get doesn't mean anything, just been a reader not a contributor I get it. I didn't realize what I was asking when I said it. To me this lathe is allot nicer than most hobby lathes I see hobbyist use online. Variable speed DC motor, R8 spindle for milling, D-4 chuck mounting, quick change gear box and a thread dial, and more. Even though itís made in China its designed and engineered in USA by Smithy/Detroit tools and is built really well, of course not anywhere the high end stuff you guys work on. I did read the posting parameters before posting and according to this comment "As a rough guide I'd say any lathe or mill that cost less than $4,000 new today is probably something that would not be allowed here." I thought my Smithy Granite 1340 Industrial Max would be allowed.

    I wasn't looking for someone to sell or give me their prized level, Iíve seen on other forums guys sometimes have multiples and when someone is in need they donít mind selling one. I looked at what past used Starrett 98-6 levels sell for and they were around $60-70 used, that's roughly what I was looking for. I actually bought a Starrett 98-4 by mistake; I was searching for 98-6 and made an offer on what I thought was the 6" version but ended up being a 4". Oh well. Couple reason why I thought I needed a Starrett, one is I like nice tools, I have allot of Snap On and Matco tools I have bought over the years. My digital calipers, digital mic, and digital indicator are Mitutoyo. The other reason was every video as well as the manufactures video all show a Starrett/high precision level being used. I saw those box type levels in those links when searching but read some reviews on Amazon and they didn't get that great of reviews. Sense they cost 60+ I thought Iíd be better off spending a little more and getting a Starrett. Sense I have the 4" Starrett I didn't think of using a parallel to expand the reach. Thanks for the suggestion. Iíll use a parallel with my 98-4.

    Again, Had I had the money and the space for separate machines, I would not of bought the one I did. I have a small 2 car garage that I work in. One side has a car, so really I work in a 1 car size space. I bought over 12K work of tooling and the lathe for a fraction of the cost, so for my budget I thought I did pretty well. Also got a dedicated HSS tool grinder on stand, and a 20t press so I was happy.

    The name diebog came from my 2 beagles that have sense passed. Diesel and Boggers, hence DieBog. I know it sounds weird but when trying to come up with a name that isnít taken every time I got to sign up on a forum, diebog hasn't been taken so it stuck.
    Thanks for all your guys help, Iíll try not to ask any more dumb questions in the future.

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    A sad situation with the machine, I have seen a few buy these machines only to be unused because they are very hard to use in the first place.
    The machines that do everything, dont do any one thing well.

    The jackass crew here led by the termite is a malfunction of its own The termite is a fake machinist but good with the words "lies" the digger doug is a punk that cant stand on his own without the termite does a rib kick when he thinks the termite has them down.
    So, two malfunctions here the machine is not allowed, because its a hobby machine, and the two nasty trolls that trash this forum every day.
    The termite has taken the the Monarch forum right into the trash, no one will post there that has modern ee lathes, because the termite gets jealous!

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