Resurfacing Pallets for a FH-630SX Toyoda Pallet Mill? VIDEO/AUDIO!
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    Default Resurfacing Pallets for a FH-630SX Toyoda Pallet Mill? VIDEO/AUDIO!

    Hi Gang.

    Our 9 year old Toyoda FH-630SX pallet mill is making a horrible noise during pallet changes.

    We have pulled the tombstone (affixed to the pallets) and executed pallet changes with no pallets in the machine and the noise is gone. The noise has been described as a drunk guy falling down a flight of stairs that is hollow underneath.

    We have inspected all the cam followers (rollers) that the pallets rotate on during a pallet change and all are in good shape.

    Upon inspecting the underside of the pallets, we can see where the weight of the pallets roll on the cam followers there is an arced line of wear/compression. I believe this is creating a clearance issue as the pallets rotate and the noise we are hearing is actually dragging.

    Our tombstone/pallet combos weigh in at about 1300 lbs.

    Had anyone tried machining the underside of the pallets flat?

    Attached is the video. Nothing visually interesting, but turn the audio up..

    I've got the quote from Toyoda for new pallets. Looking for options before dropping that much $$$$.



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