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    Quote Originally Posted by TDegenhart View Post
    I had an experience many years ago with a silencer that had been fitted to a .22 varmint rifle. The user said it really didn't do much. After doing some research, I recommended a sub-sonic .22 round. That did the trick. The crack of the first the round was the breaking the sound barrier.
    That is how you determine the load for a muzzle loading rifle, start with a load that only gives a bang and gradually increase the amount of powder until it cracks, signifying that you have reached 1000 FPS.

    I have heard that the Israeli snipers use silencers, not for sound but to eliminate the muzzle blast throwing up a dust cloud. The sound reduction probably has a secondary benefit. When you have only the crack to go by and the bullet gets to you before the shock wave, you first hear a snap as the bullet passes you, then you may hear the rest of the crack. Very difficult to pinpoint.

    We probably better get off firearms and back to 50 and 60 cycles before the Lord High Executioner objects.


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