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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidScott View Post
    No option for better filtering on the old ones.
    The older blue units had higher frequency IGBT's, although annoying for the ears when near it, at least from as I can tell with mine they didn't seem to feedback very much noise if things were all working ok. The blue units had a pitch high enough a lot of older people can't even hear them.
    Most people likely never notice the noise feeding back with any of these models, though if the newer ones are all like the one I got then maybe a few more will notice it in a few of their home appliances like the microwave, not too many with induction cooktops though. I also have no way to know if the buzzing of my 2 electrical panels here was really detrimental long term or not, just definitely didn't give me a good feeling hearing it but the line reactor knocked that down to next to nothing. For some reason PP seems to have chosen to ignore this all along rather than offer a working solution/option which appears to be rather easy and only a few hundred $. Maybe just trying to stay closer to the RPC prices. I just know people like me would rather pay a bit more and not have to worry or deal with any of this feedback noise.

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