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    Quote Originally Posted by smo10018 View Post
    All excellent information, thanks very much. So not as easy a fix as I was hoping.

    The motor is not trivial to remove, if I did remove it I would want to replace it with a 220V and get rid of the transformer. The biggest problem is the motor mount is not an easy one to find - H56Y.

    I don't have a spare VFD or 575V motor. I live on an island so nothing close in terms of shops to help me out.

    Thanks again. The motor is as old as the surface grinder so may be a good idea to replace it either way, is a 1970's era grinder.

    Unless.. the REST of the SG is in far better than average condition.. the cost of a new motor .. or a rewinf to the lower voltage .. may be greater than finding another decent SG. They go that cheaply, recent years.

    Mind.. the Maritimes? GETTING it there may be half the buns...

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    There are quite a few 56Y frame motors that might be adapted to your needs, not knowing the specs on your current motor makes it a bit sketchy as to recommendations. AO smith makes 3 phase pool pump motors with a mounting plate at the end of the motor, very easy to make an interface plate to mount it and then use a shaft coupler to join it to the grinding wheel shaft. At the end of the day you will probably be much better off replacing the motor and running it off of a 240VAC VFD from an expense and also resale value. If the current motor is a 1750 RPM then you can get a 1200 RPM motor and dial up the VFD Hz.
    Just an example.
    918358-7 3 HP Pool and Spa Pump Motor, 3-Phase, 208-230/460V, 56Y Frame
    Electric Motor Wholesale

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