Please keep threads to one subject as much as possible
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    Default Please keep threads to one subject as much as possible

    Ther have been several cases, here, and in other forum areas, of folks dredging up an old thread and then attaching their new question to it. Not a problem if the question is directly related to the material in the thread, but in many cases it isn't, it's something new. What that does is bury the new subject where nobody with the same question will ever find it, so the answers are useless.

    So DON'T DO THAT. I means someone ends up having to close the thread, at least temporarily, to force the new discussion into a new thread.

    The plan is to have a thread be as much as possible on one general subject, so it's findable and the archives are searchable. For instance, don't attach a question about transformers to a thread on VFDs, unless it's really part of the same discussion as the original post. Instead, start a new thread for a new discussion. It's easy, cheap, and fast, pick all three.


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