RPC motor question
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    Default RPC motor question

    Hey gang, I scored a 10 HP, 3600 rpm, Baldor, dual voltage open frame motor for use on a RPC using the Fitch Design and have a peculiar issue with it.

    It is a modern looking motor and though the ID number doesn't hit on the Baldor web. site, it looks very much like the brand new models they show of this type.

    The motor nameplate says it's 240/480 vac 3 ph, but when I looked in the box to see if it was wired for high or low voltage, there were only 3 wires (wrapped together in a knit sheeth) in it.

    Based on paint shadows and a hole plug in the motor case, it appears that the box had been relocated... so I pulled the end bell and no joy. There are colored wires, but they are all wrapped around the outer perimeter of the windings, with no obvious terminations or wire nuts and then the three sheathed wires come out of the maze and go to the box. This even though the inside of the box cover has the typical wiring diagram for low or high voltage wiring.

    Our maintenance electrician has hooked up a lot of 3 ph motors in his day, so I asked his opinion, and he thinks the motor may have been re-wound and the motor shop just wired it for the voltage the customer was using instead of terminating all 9 wires in the box.

    How can I tell if the motor is wired for 240 or 480?

    I have phase to phase continuity between all three wires, and the resistance between each of the three phase wires is nearly identical.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Connect it to 240 and see how it operates. Check the motor current.


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