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    Quote Originally Posted by steve-l View Post
    Come on Bill, thanks for the bullshit. Please answer the very simple question. Of course there are quality differences between different caps.
    *heavy sigh* You may WISH it was that simple. It ain't.

    What was that quote?

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"?

    Well.. it ISN'T "magic". Nor luck. But is has become high-tech. Sometimes very high tech, even in high-volume, low-cost, and durable items. Or they would not BE both of "low cost" and durable.

    DESIGN CHOICES, rather.

    In the design of any of the many capacitor "family" groupings. Go look at catalogs, the "usual suspects". Read specifications.

    Design choices as to selection of components and chemistry as to optimizing any of MANY ways of implementing capacitors for different classes of application type, AC, DC, ripple, Voltage, size, temperature range, longevity.... and more. FAR more!

    What we generally chose FROM for use AS "run" and "start" come out of different zones among those classes of optimization off in one small corner.

    Not "quality differences."

    Those exist, too - but as whole 'nuther issues altogether.

    All may be "bullshit" to you, but it is full-time "day job" to those in the industry, and sink or swim product design-wins to still others, yet.

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