Single Phase Frequency Converters 50<->60 Hz?
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    Default Single Phase Frequency Converters 50<->60 Hz?

    I have a 16mm film projector that finally has a potential buyer. The catch: She is in the USA now but will relocate back to U.K. sometime this year. So she needs something that will work in USA and UK.

    The projector has a synchronous motor designed to work at 60 Hz, running the projector at 24 frames per second (fps). So at 50Hz it will run at 20 fps.

    I was thinking that a single phase frequency inverter could solve the problem by inputing 50 Hz and outputting 60 Hz. I have the wiring diagrams for the projector, so I could power the synchronous side with 60 Hz and other loads that are not frequency sensitive (such as the projector bulb) at 50 Hz.

    Does anyone know of a supplier for single phase inverter drives? Hopefully I can find something that is not too costly and won't kill the sale. I've owned this thing since 1995 and it's time to move it on.

    I'll take care of the voltage issue by using a transformer, and possibly changing the bulb to a 220V version.


    Also, I have a Rotary Phase Converter for sale, is there a place on this forum where I can list it?


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