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    > Bernard Goering sent me this news item about the
    > 1957 Plymouth that will be
    > unearthed here on June 15 as part of the Tulsa
    > Centennial
    > Centennial Celebration.
    > This called to mind the ¹57 Plymouth which was
    > easily the worst company car
    > I had to suffer with. When I picked it up from the
    > dealer¹s, it had
    > numerous electrical problems, and my experience with
    > it was all downhill
    > from there, including a broken front end torsion
    > bar, a split wheel, etc,
    > etc. (I¹m not making this up)!
    > The final and worst problem started as overheating
    > at highway speeds and
    > loss of compression which became so severe that it
    > was necessary to
    > push-start it when the engine was warmed up. The
    > problem defied diagnosis,
    > including numerous cooling system and compression
    > tests.
    > Finally, when the two-year replacement cycle was
    > nearing its end, I was
    > making calls one day in Centerville, Ohio, and
    > noticed water droplets on
    > the dipstick when checking the oil. This was a
    > certain clue that there was
    > a leak in the cylinder head gasket, which was
    > previously too small to
    > detect.
    > I immediately had the gasket replaced, but by then
    > enough coolant had
    > gotten into the crankcase to cause the rings to get
    > stuck to the pistons,
    > causing loss of compression.
    > My next car was a 1959 Ford, which was OK for the
    > few months before we were
    > transferred to Tulsa, where I inherited a 1959
    > Plymouth, which turned out to
    > be one of my best cars.
    > Shortly after the move, we were flooded, and the
    > Plymouth was immersed in
    > water to just under the dashboard.
    > However, after a lengthly period of drying out, it
    > seemed to be alright,
    > except for a moldy odor, so I drove it for another
    > year, which restored my
    > faith in Chrysler Corporation, and made it one of
    > the best of the fourteen
    > company cars I drove over the years.
    > ------ End of Forwarded Message

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    My worst company car, by far, was a Plymouth Valiant, sometime in the late 1950's, I think. Having at that time a one car garage, and having decided the company car would stay out in the weather and not mine, I quickly found that the weakness in the Valiant was its dislike for moisture and for cold weather. Driving in the rain especially if water got splashed into the engine compartment from puddles, or sitting out overnight the temperature dropped to freezing after a damp day, and that car would not start! It was so unreliable that HQ finally agreed to replace it after about 5 months of my gripes, all supported by ample documentation in the form of warranty repair and road service receipts, time lost from calls, etc. That car was bad news from the very beginning, and I was so pleased to get rid of it.


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