M-1464 Sticking
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Thread: M-1464 Sticking

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    Default M-1464 Sticking

    Hi all,
    I have a M-1464 Releasing tap holder which does not easily or always release under a torque load. I bought the holder used and it worked well for the first 100 or so taps but has become increasingly difficult and now I am eating taps.

    I disassembled the assembly and found nothing unusual other than a small amount of wear on the pawl and the dog that is secured from the top. The pawl moves easily in and out and the dog seems to be in the correct position for right handed threading. There were no burrs or sharp edges that I would think would cause anything to hang. On the contrary, It looked to me like the limited amount of wear that was visible should cause the head to release prematurely rather than hang up.

    When I opened the assembly there was a conspicuous absence of any type of lubrication other than a light film of oil saturated solvent from having washed the tool in some old varsol.

    What would cause the head to not release under a load? What type, if any, of lubrication is needed inside?

    This looks like a pretty simple design. What am I missing? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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