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    The good folks who started this forum might not mind if we track our comments and questions across their floor.

    I'm just crazy about Warner and Swasey but I've never spent an hour on their pay rolls.

    I have spent a few hours in front of one or two and read the equivalent of "War and Piece" [img]smile.gif[/img] concerning tha many aspeects of the machines.

    There is quite a bit of intelligent planning and outright scheming that goes into successful operation of a turret lathe or one of the automatics.

    There are small W&S machines out there that are selling quite cheaply. They give the "samll guy" a chance to make small lots of duplicate parts quicker than he could on an engine lathe, but without the cost of going to CNC.

    I have some diddly-dingus parts that I run on a small turret lathe and I am very happy with doing it. The jobs are a first-class PITA even on a Lodge and Shipley Hi Turn production lathe, but they snap right off with the turret machine.

    If you say Warner and Swasey turret lathe, most guys head for the hills. They see only large lot porduction and complicated set ups.

    Not so.

    Even the company catalogs say that job lots as small as two or three will run very well on machines like the No.2 or No.3 lathes.

    I have mentioned in other posts that in crowded shops I have jumped on a No.3 turret lathe with a chuck on it and ran it like an engine lathe - why not?

    If you have interest or a queation, stick it here.

    It's time we drew the turret lathe guys out of the woodwork.


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